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The City.

I have to say, I just LOVE new starts! No one knows who you are, so you have the perfect opportunity to try to do things better. And to be better. Some people might say that moving to another place doesn't solve a thing, but it's not quite the truth. I remember when I was still living at my mom's and I was rather frequently talking about moving away from Turku (because of personal issues) and my brother would always say that moving wouldn't change a thing. But I knew it would, and it did. I changed a lot, or should I say, grew up a little, during those two years I spent in Tampere. I learned to be a little more sociable, a little more confident, and a little more responsible (at least hopefully!).

Anyway, I am now living in Pori, which is probably the last city I would have imagined living in. =DDD It just shows you never know where life takes you... Although I did have a little say in this fate, because after all it was me who picked this city as a third option. I'm sort of glad I didn't get to stay in Tampere though because Pori isn't half as bad as people make believe; I am definitely positively suprised! It's been a good month and a week.

Before school started I was a little anxious because I was scared I wouldn't make any friends, and not knowing anyone from here beforehand made that fear even worse. But, as with the previous school, I was determined to try to talk to people and not to keep to myself. (This might sound stupid but I've been too fucking shy in the past and it has complicated things...) I kept my promise to myself and talked to people and so I pretty much made a couple of friends in no time. =) There's a girl in our class with whom I hang out mostly with (in and out of school) but I do talk to others and I should have it as my mission to get to know other girls better, too. I also made two girl friends quite randomly during my first weekend here... now that's a story! We mostly hang out during weekends when we go to clubs, luckily they like to drink too. (That's kind of why we met in first place.) I'm looking forwards to meeting more and more people so I'll never have to be too bored. Haha.. I haven't been that bored though, while we're at it. And it's been great. I hate boredom and being alone.

In what comes to the chance of doing things differently, well, I've been trying to be more sociable, more confortable around people, more outgoing... just anything that I haven't really been but have wanted to. I have also tried to be less judgemental, very much so. But sometimes I can't help badmouthing if I am in company that does so. It's not that bad as long as no one hates me for being mean... All the drama in my previous school, it was fucking annoying! And I was going to say it cannot happen here because people are more mature, but actually, they're all pretty young! All my classmates are around 18-20... Luckily enough I feel as young so it's no problem. =DDD