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The Apartment.

Before my mid-July trip to Miami I came to look for an apartment here in Pori, and filled out an application for one out of the two I ever saw. Eventually, I got it. =) (Which is no wonder since this had been unoccupied since May - I have no idea why, though.) It's not the apartment I had dreamed about, but it'll do for now. I'm mostly done with the decorating, but painting the walls was a bigger task than I had prepared for. There are at least five layers of different wallpapers on the walls I'm painting, and ripping them off takes hours! So far (in a six weeks time, that is) I have managed to complete one wall. =D I am pretty lazy, and because it really takes time and effort, I'm not too interested in doing the other wall all by myself. I guess it will have to wait a good while. Well, I'm either waiting until my dad comes to Finland by the end of the year, or if the ugliness of it really starts to bother me, I'll just have to do it by myself. It took quite long for me to unpack and get rid of all the unwanted stuff, but this place is finally starting to look nice. I still need a bookshelf, though. (At the moment I have two boxes of books unpacked, but perhaps by the end of the year I'll have them unpacked. =D) I might post pics some day so people can judge. =D Although I loved the space I had in Tampere, a small apartment feels a little more confortable (when living alone) and sure looks it, too. =) Even though I might not live in this very apartment for more than the required year, I want to make this place as good as I can so I'll feel good hanging out in here. The best thing about this place is the location, definitely. I'm right in the center of the city and everything is near me. Especially the clubs! <3


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Oct. 6th, 2009 04:51 pm (UTC)
Yeah that kind of wallpaper would be lovely! <3 But they are somewhat expensive, although probably worth all it. However I'm not going to spend too much money on any apartment that I don't own. Once I get to buy my own apartment / house I'll definitely make it really nice! :)) Also those wallpapers with city views would be awesome.