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It's going.

Other than the occassional financial issues I've been having during the last six or seven weeks, I have nothing to complain about, really. School's been nice and definitely not difficult at all. We only have three days of school a week, and the subjects are pretty easy because we're just getting started. Actually, I'm a little frustrated by the easiness of it all for I find it rather hard to concentrate on some nonesense, so to speak. Well, hopefully it gets better with time. (Although next term won't bring more classes nor more school days...) Now would definitely be a favorable time to have a job because I hardly have any school, but given the fucking economic situation it's quite hard to find (a decent) one. I'm trying to follow the openings but there hardly ever are any that would suite my expertice. =( Anyway, as always, I'm trying to watch what I eat because I would really love to lose some weight and to get toned up, too. I just want to be skinnier 'cause it looks nicer, that's all. =( This time, however, I'm not aiming at it without any work. I'm taking sixty minute walks with a friend and depending on school assignements we try to go on these walks more than once a week. We are also going to exercice classes once a week. I know it's not enough, but it's a start nonetheless. =) What's good is I haven't had any fucking gloomy days yet and I definitely hope I'm not going to have any, either. Getting angsty and depressed might just ruin everything! Autumn's a hard time, I hate the grey rainy days, especially if I have nothing to do and I am just sitting home by myself. But, I'm going to have to try to keep my spiritis up, and to keep myself busy, too. That should be a way to avoid getting down. =)