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I've been browsing any possible job openings since I moved here but it's been pretty quiet. About a month ago there were a few openings at Gina Tricot but since I was more or less still settling in I missed the application period. Anyhow, last week there was an announce on our school's website about an opening at Tapiola. I went to inquire about it on the spot with a friend of mine but I never got around to send an application. (My friend did, though, but she's yet to hear about them...) Well, yesterday I noticed an opening at Pentik and decided to half seriously scribble an application out of boredom. I waited until today to send it, which too I did only half seriously. Right, so after just a couple of hours my phone goes off and I am invited to an interview tomorrow morning. OMG! =D I have only sent a couple of job applications in my life, but never have I gotten so much as a "no thanks" response. So yeah, I was quite taken by surprise.

This is the best thing ever, there's just one problem: I've never been to an actual job inteview! =O So I'm pretty sure I'll screw up.... But of course I will try my best to make a good impression and eventually make myself seem as a good candidate. They are supposedly hiring three, so I might have a slight chance of getting the job. Slight, but one nonetheless. =D I am so nervous!

Do wish me luck - I need it!


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Oct. 14th, 2009 09:53 pm (UTC)
Good luck!! I should seriously start looking for a job myself...
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