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Not in a good mood for once.

The job interview this morning was more or less like I had imagined it would be. And I did more or less as bad as I thought I would. =D But oh well, at least I tried! =) I know I'm not good at marketing myself, so I suppose I won't be getting the job. (I wasn't that bad but I don't think I stood out from any other applicants, either.) Well, we will know about the rejection next week...

After the interview I went to buy cheap L'Oréal straightening balm and a bottle of Fructis bamboo hairspray. I got them both for experimental reasons... See normally I use Aussie hairspray (or Proffs from Seppälä) and no straightening balms although I straighten my hair on a daily basis. Well I can already give my opinion on the hairspray since I tried it right away: not going to buy it again! =D It smells like all the Fructis products and it does not give enough hold. After classes I spent some more money and got myself a long grey sweater of some kind (I seriously don't know my clothes in English haha!)

We have our first exam tomorrow on marketing and enterpreneurship. I haven't been too active on the reading, just because I haven't been bothered. It shouldn't be too difficult, though, if the teacher are to be believed. =D And well, it can always be re-taken. I'm definitely not going to stress about school before my last year...

Anyway, I should be going to sleep soon. I'm tired and not so well.