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Spend a little and then some more!

In the beginning of November I am going to Stockholm for a day with my sister and mother, and I am planning on finding a lot of nice things for my clos... ugh, I mean myself! =D It should be much fun, I cannot wait!

(Note all the exclamation marks? Yeah, I'm really that excited! =D)

Around this time last year I paid a similar visit to the west with a couple of friends, and although I did have money on me, I couldn't really find anything too interesting. What a sad thing, perhaps I wasn't in the most inpiring mood? But this time I know I won't fail in finding clothes and accessories that please me for a couple of obvious reasons. One, I always find something in inspiring company and my sister and mother are such company. Secondly, my "style", so to speak, has evolved from a year ago... and on top of that, I've been succesfully browsing TopShop, American Apparel & Åhléns, seeing stuff I want to purchase. =) So far my shopping list consist of:

 - a pair (or two) of shoes (heels & boots most probabyl)
- a long and warm scarf (perhaps a circle scarf, too)
- leather gloves
- a purse or a clutch (perhaps both too?)
- and a faux fur hat!! <33333

Yeah no I don't have enough clothes, shoes, bags, scarves.... anything!! I hope I'll find all that and some more. I also hope that I won't run out of money! =D Luckily we have our mom, perhaps she'll lend me some if that is to happen and I am still lacking something. =D No no, I don't have an addiction..... Or do I? I don't really know, lately I've been craving to get something new all the time. Alas, I'm always short of money. (Let's not forget that clubbing isn't exactly cheap, either.) Well, as long as I'm happy and feel good it's all right?

Anyhows, today I am (or at least I should be) heading towards Vaasa with a friend. I'm gonna see my borther and my friend is supposedly going to see some of her friends. I'll finally get to see the night life in Vaasa! Something I've been wanting to discover ever since my brother moved there three years ago.... =D Hopefully we'll all end up in the same club, and hopefully we'll have fun, too! And not be too drunk! =D